Network Monitoring Services

Pro-Active Monitoring to Save Time and Save Cost.

What is Nexticore NOC?

Nexticore NOC is a network operations center that is dedicated to helping you manage and monitor your database, firewall, external services, and network. We operate a 24/7 network ops center using sophisticated tools and experienced staff to monitor the health of your IT infrastructure.

We know that infrastructure problems prevent businesses from focusing on achieving their daily tasks. They also lead to delays, more stress, and vulnerabilities that stand as threats to the growth of a business. That is why we will always be on standby to provide support like an in-house IT network operations team. Ou all-inclusive NOC monitoring services deliver detailed visibility and analysis, which enables you or our team to quickly react and optimize the network for speedy execution.

Technical Sport

How do we do it?

We have a team of engineers, analysts, and technicians with cutting-edge expertise in NOC processes.

Our team constantly searches for issues that may impede the availability and speed of your network. We use the 2IR model – Identify, Investigate, Resolve – to troubleshoot problems before they impact your business.

We manage incidents using a hierarchy approach. Our technicians are placed in different categories based on the level of training they have undergone, experience in handling specific problems, and on-the-job skills.

Immediately a technician pinpoints a problem from the NOC command center, a ticket would be created to file the issue according to type, severity, and so on. If the technician assigned to resolve the problem fails to do so quickly, we move the problem up the ladder to a technician at another level. We do not stop escalating issues unless they are fully resolved.

The difference we create for you


Managing networks and monitoring their performances are not as easy as they sound. Today’s businesses are faced with more and more complex networks. They have several offices around the world, an increasing number of gadgets to monitor and manage staff members and tasks, and thousands of employees working remotely.


Additionally, website traffic, number of users, and malware can impact the performance of a network. Hence, problems can arise from any angle. Even issues that seem trivial can result in downtimes that could sabotage productivity and the ability to meet the demands of customers.


Network outages do not just hurt revenue but also destroy productivity and rubbish the image of an IT team, including that of the entire organization. Therefore, Nexticore NOC is specifically designed to prevent downtimes such that customers won’t realize when inevitable outages or incidents occur.

Technologies we support

We offer a wide range of services to ensure your IT infrastructure operates at an optimum level. They include:

  • Capacity management

  • Problem management

  • Incident management

  • Event monitoring and management

  • Service reporting and analysis

  • Patch management

  • Automated monitoring and notification

Who requires NOC?

Not all businesses require the services of Network Operations Center Companies. However, larger enterprises and businesses that have multiple lines of communication need a managed NOC for seamless external and internal communication. Other reasons for using a NOC include:

Not all businesses require the services of Network Operations Center Companies. However, larger enterprises and businesses that have multiple lines of communication need a managed NOC for seamless external and internal communication. Other reasons for using a NOC include:

Because service providers continuously update and change software, keeping an updated network becomes challenging if you do not seek help. Hence, our patch management feature helps your business to update software and devices with the recent patches.

Antivirus Support

Usually, companies install software to prevent viruses from attacking their network. But these programs cannot always be trusted. Nexticore NOC provides support to ensure that viruses don’t find their way into your company’s network.

Network Health Report

It is important for you to know the health of your network, and that is exactly what our Network Operations Center Processes are designed to achieve. The Network Command Center visualizes, analyzes, and develops reports showing the health, performance, and optimization of your network.

Complex Networks

Large enterprises have complex networks. Hence, they need NOC Monitoring to optimize, maintain, and upgrade those networks. In fact, Nexticore NOC provides a network that has a central point for handling complaints from customers.

Network Outages

Setting up a Network Operations Center for your business operations is synonymous to setting up the central nervous system of a company. That is where all your routers, servers, and switches are monitored on a twenty-four-hour basis to ensure they are operating at optimal levels.

Firewall Monitoring and Management

Security is critical in today’s business world, and Nexticore NOC has software that helps to monitor and manage clients’ firewalls. You can rest assured that your network’s security will be secured and monitored by professional analysts.

Network Devices

A complex network implies the use of several pieces of equipment. Therefore, large companies need a Network Operations Control Center to monitor their networking equipment. This gives them more visibility regarding what is happening around their environment. As a result, they can figure out when something doesn’t seem right or requires attention.

The workflow

Our Network Operations Command Center operates a multi-level support system. This enables our clients to leverage the first level, low-cost team to carry out routine tasks, thereby, allowing level two and three higher-level teams to tackle more complex support issues. This cost-effective workflow ensures that our Central NOC responds rapidly to events and incidents. Our team can also implement changes when needed.

Events and Incidents Alert

We discover and investigate events from emails, alarms, and calls that are related to security and network equipment, applications, circuits, and cloud infrastructure. Our Network Operations Security Center creates incidents and escalates them or

Support (Level 1)

The support we offer at this level includes initial correlation of events, prioritizing incidents, and determining the impact of services and infrastructure. We carry out these functions within established timeframes, ensuring that most issues are resolved before your business feels the impact. Typically, our level 1 support comfortably resolves between 60% to 80% of clients’ issues.

Advanced Support (Level 2 and 3)

Our advanced team expands on the expertise of level 1 team members, adding a deeper, troubleshooting expertise with respect to IT and network technologies. The team also features professionals with specialized knowledge on resolution.